MD-PhD Students Receive Research Presentation Awards 

Angela Amedee, Ph.D.
Director of the MD/PhD Program

Several MD-PhD students recently participated in the School of Graduate Studies or School of Medicine Research Day, with four receiving awards for their presentations.

At the GS Research Day held on November 3rd, two students won 1st and 2nd place awards for their presentations in the 3-minute talk competition:

  • Zachary Stielper received first place for his presentation entitled, Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Escalates Alcohol Consumption in Alcohol-Drinking Female Rats, describing his work under the mentorship of Drs. Patricia Molina and Nick Gilpin in the Department of Physiology.
  • Katelyn Robillard won second place for her presentation, Genetic Strategies for the Treatment of RP in Usher Syndrome of work done under the mentorship of Dr. Jennifer Lentz in the Neuroscience Center.

In the 10-minute talk competition, Robert Fuchs won first place for his presentation, Association of Chronic Nicotine Inhalation with Hypertension in Mice, detailing work done under the mentorship of Dr. Eric Lazartigues in the Department of Pharmacology.

At the School of Medicine Research Day held on November 17th, Hunter Hidalgo (current L2 student) won first place for his poster presentation entitled, Novel Rodent Model of Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction (HF-pEF).  In the summer of 2018, Hunter plans to continue his research as a full-time graduate student under the mentorship of Dr. David Lefer in Pharmacology Department and Cardiovascular Center of Excellence.

Congratulations to these students!