Faculty Assembly

John Hunt, M.D.
Faculty Assembly President

The SOM Faculty Assembly met on November 1 and December 7, 2017.

At both meetings, we reviewed standing reports from The Executive committee, The School of Medicine Administrative Council, and the Faculty Senate.  Business items discussed at both meetings included:

Housekeeping issues on campus, specifically the restrooms in MEB – With the help of Dean Nelson we involved the Facilities Department with some positive results.  The overall cleanliness of the restrooms are improved.  The Facilities Department replaced or repaired a number of the lavatory facilities.  There are still some that will require extensive plumbing repairs and will be repaired later.  We will monitor progress.

Safety on campus – This was discussed in the Assembly and in executive session with the Dean.  There was a stakeholders meeting demonstrating some coordination between the schools and the hospital, an improvement over the past.  We discussed more effective ways to distribute safety information and crime alerts.  The Faculty Senate will handle this issue since it involves all of the schools, not just the Medical School.

LCME visit – Dr Richard DiCarlo, as the outgoing Dean of Students, was an invited guest and reviewed the LCME visit.  The exit visit synopsis, by the site visitors, was very favorable.  They noted only five minor, and easily correctable, deficiencies out of 93 categories.  The final adjudication is with the LCME, but looks very favorable at this point.  Good job, to all the people in the Offices of Student Affairs and Medical Education.

Part-time Faculty – Dr. Richard DiCarlo, as the new incoming Dean of Faculty, also discussed the role and representation of part-time faculty at the institution.  There are over 100 part-time faculty at the medical school.  We will survey these part-time faculty and the chairs of departments with a substantial number of part-time faculty to make sure they are represented appropriately on the Faculty Assembly and other aspects of institutional life, such as committee representation.

If you would like to add to the above mentioned issues or there are important issues that you think the Faculty Assembly needs to address, please contact us via the website suggestion box at http://www.medschool.lsuhsc.edu/faculty_assembly/ or one of your faculty assembly representatives:



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