LGBT+Allies Organization for the Cultural Understanding in the Health Science (LOCUS)  

Ayesha Umrigar and Mirandy Li
Co-Presidents of LOCUS 

LGBT+Allies Organization for Cultural Understanding in the Health Sciences (LOCUS) is an inter-professional student organization aimed at advancing awareness and advocating for the LGBTQ community at LSUHSC and in New Orleans.

During this past month, we had several of our volunteers work with CrescentCare to pack and distribute condoms and educational material, which were handed out to the crowds during Mardi Gras. We greatly appreciate all the work our volunteers do. To learn about more about our volunteer opportunities, visit and subscribe to our listserv.

Want to try out rock climbing and earn money for charity in the process? Well here’s your chance. New Orleans Boulder Lounge at 2360 St. Claude St hosts an LGBTQ night every month and allows a portion of the proceeds to be donated to charity. We are still in the process of selecting an LGBTQ organization to donate to, so if you have any suggestions, especially for local LGBTQ groups, please email either Ayesha Umrigar ( or Mirandy Li ( Times and dates for this event will be announced through email.

Rainbow CaduceusWant to show your support for LGBTQ Healthcare?  You can purchase a rainbow caduceus pin to wear on your white coat or your lab coat.  Wearing this will demonstrate to your patients, colleagues, students, and friends that you support LGBTQ health and the LGBTQ community.  The pins are $5 and all proceeds go to support the mission of LOCUS.  If you’re interested in purchasing a pin, please email either Ayesha Umrigar ( or Mirandy Li (

Be sure to check out our website ( which provides links to resources for LGBTQ students, as well as for the general community. This is also where we post information about any upcoming events. If you would like to receive emails from LOCUS, there is an option on our website to subscribe to our listserv. To protect the privacy of our members, we use the “blind carbon copy” for email correspondence. This means that you can’t see the other recipients of the email and they can’t see you.

We look forward to seeing you all at our meetings and events this year.