Second Annual LGBT Health Care Symposium

Andrew D. Hollenbach, Ph.D.
Department of Genetics 

Primary Faculty Advisor

On April 25 – 26, 2018 LSUHSC will be hosting the second annual LGBT Health Care Symposium.  Last year’s event was attended by nearly 150 people comprised of members of the health sciences center who were joined by nearly 80 members of the community.  The previous symposium discussed transgender health and was led by a panel of four individuals who are transgender and/or interact with transgender people in the community or through their health care practice. 

In addition to educating the audience on many important topics related to transgender health, the event facilitated the formation of important relationships between LSUHSC and LGBT community groups such as NO/AIDS task force, CrescentCare, and New Orleans Advocates for GLBT Elders (NOAGE).   

For this year’s event, LGBT+Allies Organization for the Cultural Understanding in the Health Sciences (LOCUS) will partner with the South Central AIDS Education and Training Center Program (AETC South Centeral) in the LSU School of Public Health to provide an expanded, two day LGBT health care symposium. 

Day one of the event will consist of a panel of four professionals discussing and answering questions from the audience related to Current Issues Surrounding the Physical and Mental Health Care of People Living with HIV/AIDS in the LGBT Community.  The panelists for this year’s symposium will include Dr. Christine Brennan, Ph.D., of the School of Public Health and Project Director for AETC at LSUHSC; Terry Mayers, LCSW, a mental health care provider serving the New Orleans LGBT+ community; Robert Suttle, Assistant Director of SERO, an organization focused on ending the inappropriate prosecution of people living with HIV; and Bruce Hinton, P.A., who works at CrescentCare and focuses on the expansion of PreExposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) services and management and treatment of HIV infection.  Day one is free and open to the public with no registration required. 

Day two of the event will be a training event entitled HIV Criminalization in Louisiana, and will be run by Robert Suttle of the SERO Project.  Day two is free and open to the public with registration for the event at the following website:  

We hope that you will join us for what we hope to be an informative and education event with vibrant discussion.  Light refreshments will be provided.