New Faculty Assembly Delegates

Christopher Taylor, PhD
Faculty Assembly President 

We are pleased to announce that the following faculty have been elected to serve a 3-year term (2018 -2021) on the SOM Faculty Assembly. 

 Basic Science Delegates 

  • Lisa Campeau (Cell Biology and Anatomy) 
  • Michael Levitzky (Physiology) 
  • Stefany Primeaux (Physiology) 
  • Peter Winsauer (Pharmacology) 

Clinical Science Delegates 

  • Kyle Fulton (Pediatrics) 
  • Raegan Gupta (Pediatrics) 
  • Earnest James (Family Medicine) 
  • Dana Leblanc (Pediatrics) 
  • Margaret Moore (Surgery) 
  • Mihran Naljayan (Med-Nephrology) 
  • Stacy Olister (Pediatrics) 
  • LaNasha Tanner (OB/Gyn) 

Over the next three years, each of these delegates will provide an important voice for the faculty in the School of Medicine and each member of the faculty should feel comfortable in asking them to bring faculty concerns to the Faculty Assembly meetings.  Delegates serve an important role in all of the activities of the School of Medicine and without their help the School would be a lesser place.  Please join us in congratulating each of these delegates.