Updates from the MD/PhD Program: 

Angela Amedee, Ph.D.
Director, M.D./Ph.D. Program

The MD/PhD Students and the Admissions Committee have been quite busy over the past few months.  The program is pleased to welcome six new students that will enter medical school this fall and join the existing group of 32 physician-scientists in training.  The new students include Brianna Bourgeois, Ashley Henderson, John Johnson, Kyle LaPenna, Donnell White, and Anna Whitehead.  These students have earned a place in the program due to their impressive resumes and research experience.  We look forward to welcoming them to LSUHSC-NO as members of both Medicine and Graduate Studies in August and to sharing more information about them on our website.  These students will have an opportunity this fall to learn about research training opportunities in the basic sciences and meet faculty when they attend special seminar sessions hosted by each graduate program.

Many of our current trainees have also reached important milestones in their training.  We are pleased to celebrate the recent completion of doctoral degrees for five trainees: Dr. Hannah Albritton (Microbiology, Immunology, and Parasitology), Dr. Steven Eastlack (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), Dr. Allyson Schreiber (Physiology), Dr. Dustin Todaro (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology), and Dr. Tomas Vanagunas (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology).  We congratulate and wish them well as they return to Medical School to complete requirements for the MD degree.

As these students leave the lab, we are pleased to welcome eight of our trainees into Graduate School this summer.  The following students are preparing to enter the graduate portion of their training on July 1st.  Kaylin Bieter and Mirandy Li will pursue graduate work in the School of Public Health in the labs of Dr. Stephen Phillippi and Dr. Tung Sung Tseng, respectively.  Three students will enter the Genetics Department for graduate training; Nicholas Fried and Kristina Farragut Larter will join the laboratory of Dr. Yaguang Xi, and Phaethon Philbrook will join Dr. Augusto Ochoa’s laboratory.  Hunter Hidalgo will be a student in Dr. David Lefer’s laboratory in the Pharmacology Department.  Muhammed Farooq will join the Cell Biology and Anatomy Department under the mentorship of Dr. June Liu, and David Odenheimer will join the Program in Neuroscience, working with Dr. Xiao Ching Li.

Our soon to be L2 trainees were in the lab this summer too, exploring potential projects for their dissertation work beginning in summer 2019.  Meanwhile, four of our trainees begin their final year of medical training and start looking for residency programs. Check our website for more updates on our trainees and photos from May graduation.  https://www.medschool.lsuhsc.edu/mdphdupdates/