Student-Run Biotech Incubator

Zachary Richard (SOM Class of 2021)

The New Orleans Medical Innovators (NOMI) is a student-run biotech incubator partnered with Sling Health that mentors students on designing their own healthcare-related projects or expanding on already-developed ideas that solve real-world clinical problems. The clinical problems our teams use are generally pulled from a national database but we want to tackle problems that are specific to New Orleans. Examples of past projects from the National organization are a portable ventilator to use in developing countries, laparoscopic knot tying easier through preformed nitinol loops on the tail of sutures, developing software to improve communication between everyone caring for a patient on their day of surgery, and developing an early melanoma detection and screening app.

If there is a clinical problem that you would like to see resolved, please contact Zachary Richard, the co-director of NOMI ( or fill out this spreadsheet ( Submitting a problem does not mean you have to be involved with the project.