New Team Based Learning Classroom – Open for Business!

Andrew D. Hollenbach, Ph.D., Co-Director Basic Science Curriculum
Robin English, M.D., Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Medical Education

You’ve seen the construction, you’ve heard the noise, and your classes have probably been disrupted in the last year because of the construction.  However, all of the inconvenience from the construction was well worth it: the new School of Medicine Team Based Learning (TBL) classroom is open for business and being used to great success.

To better address the learning needs of our students, the Office of Medical Education along with course directors and other faculty are working hard to develop new active learning classroom sessions to facilitate delivery, retention, and synthesis of material.  These educational delivery modalities include team based learning, peer based learning, clinical case studies with discussion, and clicker question sessions, to name a few.

This classroom, which was specially designed to facilitate the implementation of these active learning sessions, is capable of accommodating all 200 students within a medical school class, enabling them to work simultaneously on problems in groups of 6 or 7.  Audiovisual equipment is state of the art; six large monitors allow the display of information to the entire classroom and each small group has a computer screen at their table with HDMI hook-ups allowing them to display information to their individual small group.  Faculty are capable of selecting a display from the small group to display to the entire class to allowing students to lead others through their thinking, among many other exceptional capabilities in the room.  This technology and environment allows our faculty to guide students through the cases, stopping to emphasize key concepts as needed.

We’re only beginning to make use of this room, but despite working through small bugs and glitches, faculty and students alike are embracing this room and excited about using it to its full capability.