Faculty Assembly

Chris Taylor, Ph.D. 
Faculty Assembly President

Recent activity of the School of Medicine Faculty Assembly has been largely concerned with gathering and disseminating information related to faculty benefits changes that have occurred this year.  This has been a time-critical process due to decisions that faculty needed to make during the annual enrollment period that ran from October 1 through November 15th.  This year included changes in 403b retirement providers and provider offerings.  In addition, faculty assembly has been heavily involved with resolving recent issues that have arisen with one of our health care providers with regard to pharmacy benefits management.  A special meeting was held for the faculty to have open discussion with this provider’s representatives on October 9th and the issues raised have been elevated to the highest level.  The assembly will continue to monitor progress on a resolution to these issues. 

Faculty assembly has also recently worked to obtain clarification from administration on policies regarding travel and the new Louisiana State Board of Ethics form 413f.  This form must be filled whenever a faculty member attends a meeting for which any part of the meeting is paid for by an outside entity that is not a governmental agency.  This includes any waiver of registration fees for the meeting in addition to direct payment of airfare, lodging, meals, etc.  The form must be filed within 60 days of accepting the invitation to the meeting. 

Lastly, faculty assembly has continued to gather and disseminate information related to several planned renovation projects that will impact our faculty including the planned expansion to CSRB for animal care, and the proposed renovations to the 5th, 6th, and 7th floors of the MEB. 

Editorial Note: 

Since the last faculty assembly meeting, a resolution was achieved regarding the health insurance issue.  The e-mail from Dean Nelson reads as follows: 

“Chancellor Hollier, Vice Chancellor Murray, Director of External Relations Vidrine and myself met with the Audit Committee of the LSU Board of Supervisors on Friday to discuss the repayment of funds to LSU First for certain prescriptions that were in question. It was decided that prescriptions filled before the August 2018 letters that our physicians received from LSU First will be forgiven and anyone who paid LSU First the amount requested in that letter would be reimbursed.   

I want to thank President Alexander and the Board of Supervisors for their support of this important faculty issue.”