SOM Grants

Congratulations to the following individuals for obtaining extramural funding from federal, state, and/or independent sources between August 1 – September 30, 2018! 

NOTE: The Office of the Dean provided the information below to The Pulse.  If there is any information that was inadvertently omitted, please contact the editor ( so a correction can be printed in the next issue of The Pulse. 

National Institutes of Health (P20): 

Augusto Ochoa, M.D. (Director, Stanley S. Scott Cancer Center) 

National Institutes of Health (R01): 

Scott Edwards, Ph.D. (Department of Physiology) 

Minghao Jin, Ph.D. (Neuroscience Center of Excellence) 

National Institutes of Health (R21): 

  • Nicholas Gilpin, Ph.D. (Department of Physiology) 

Pharmaceutical and Company Grants: 

Clifford Crutcher, M.D. (Department of Neurosurgery) 

  • Medtronic 

David Lefer, Ph.D. (Cardiovascular Center of Excellence) 

  • Ochsner Clinic Foundation 

Gabriel Tender, M.D. (Department of Neurosurgery) 

  • SI-BON