2018 Medical Student Research Day

Medical Student Research Day – October 19th, 2018 

On Friday, October 19th, 2018 the LSUHSC School of Medicine hosted its annual Medical Student Research Day. The event, organized by the Office of Medical Student Research, featured 52 poster presentations.  

The School of Medicine invites all medical students and MD/PhD students who are pursuing research studies to submit an abstract and present a poster. Students who participate in the summer research program have committed to submitting an abstract for Research Day. Students must have conducted their research during medical school in order to present at Research Day. 

A group of faculty and postdoctoral fellows review the abstracts and award prizes for best presentations.  The following students were chosen by the judges to have exemplary research and presentations: 

First Place:  Blake Denley 

Mentor:  Grace Athas 

Project:  “Exercise, Stress and Happiness in the Pre-Clinical Medical Students”   

Second Place (tie):  Jacob Stove & Joshua Grace 

Project:  “The Epidemiology of Fatal Accidental Overdoses in East Baton Rouge Parish from 2013 through 2016:  A Four Year Survey” 

Second Place (tie):  Mariana Tumminello 

Mentor:  Patrick Greiffenstein 

Project:  “ Understanding the Relationship Between Pulmonary Contusion and Rib Fracture Severity” 

Second Place (tie):  Nicole Dominique 

Mentor:  Amanda Staiano 

Project:  “ Healthy Lifestyle Summer Camp for Children at Risk for Type 2 Diabetes: Reduction in Weight and Screen-Time Usage” 

Third Place (tie): Camille Prejean 

Mentor:  Jennifer Lentz 

Project:  “Harmonin Expression & Localization in the Retina of Non-human Primates and Mice at Multiple Developmental Stages” 

Third Place (tie): Adam Prevot 

Mentor:  Gerard Mundinger 

Project:  “20 Years of VCFS in South Louisiana:  A Look at Cardiac Anomalies and Surgical Palate Repair in 22q11 Deletion Syndrome Patients”