Dean’s Corner

The Office of Student Affairs 

The Office of Student Affairs, under the guidance of Dr. Cathy Lazarus, Associate Dean of Student Affairs, has undergone some exciting changes!  These changes include the addition of a Student Ombudsman and beautiful renovations!

Ombudsman Role

Kourtnie Robin Picture

Kourtnie Robin, Ed.D., Director of Student Affairs, has been named the first Student Ombudsman for the School of Medicine. As Student Ombudsman, Dr. Robin offers a safe, confidential, and neutral environment for all students in the School of Medicine to discuss and facilitate the resolution of conflicts or grievances involving faculty, staff, administrators, or fellow students. Existing outside of formal channels and advocating for a fair process and outcome, Dr. Robin can impartially assist students in understanding university and school policy, advise students on the process of lodging formal grievances, informally mediate and investigate complaints, and empower students to make informed and educated decisions that can best help arrive at the appropriate resolution to each individual situation.

In her role as an alternate and informal pathway to conflict resolution, Dr. Robin has pledged to adhere to an unyielding code of ethics and to the standards of practice that guide all those who serve in this unique position: confidentiality, informality, neutrality, and independence. Her door is always open for advice or assistance in resolving a range of academic matters, and all consultations are confidential.

Should any students need help, they are encouraged to contact the Student Ombudsman for the School of Medicine.

Office of the Student Ombudsman
School of Medicine
2020 Gravier Street, 704
New Orleans, LA 70112
(o) 504.568.4876

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Robin to this new role in the School of Medicine.

The Office of Students Affairs Transformation   

In 2006, the seventh floor of the Lions Building became the new home for the Office of Student Affairs when the New Orleans campus reopened after Hurricane Katrina. What once served as a patient-centered space furnished with exam tables, diagnostic equipment, and patient charts soon became a path well-traveled by students. After 11 years of administrating all student programs and academic records in a space designed for clinic use, the Office of Student Affairs was past due for a makeover.

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In December 2016, construction kicked off in high gear with the complete demolition of the nursing station, which served as the heart and soul for many of the department’s festivities and discussions. After four months of witnessing this labor-intensive undertaking, we are proud to announce that the transformation in now complete. The newly designed layout now features a stylish and warm reception area, a conference space equipped with a 60-inch smart TV, workstation, voice-conferencing system, and white board.  In addition, a supply room has been greatly expanded, and an intimate workspace designed for small projects and testing has been created.  The old Office of Student Health Services has also been demolished, but it has not traveled far as its new home now externally borders the main entrance of the Office of Student Affairs.

Designed with collaborative opportunities and space efficiency in mind, the space looks and feels amazing. We invite you to visit to explore the fresh, new Office of Student Affairs!