In the Spotlight – Dr. Danielle Gottlieb

Dr. Danielle Gottlieb-Sen, the LSUHSC Department of Pediatrics and Children’s Hospital 

 Danielle Gottlieb-Sen, MS, MD, MPH 
Assistant Professor of Surgery 
Section of Pediatric Surgery 
Pediatric Cardiovascular Surgery and Congenital Heart Center 
LSUHSC-New Orleans/Children’s Hospital New Orleans 

Danielle Gottlieb-Sen, MS, MD, MPH 

Throughout the United States, Heart Centers deliver specialized, multidisciplinary care to children and families with diagnoses of CHD.  As part of a $300M renovation at Children’s Hospital, new state-of-the-art operating rooms, cardiac catheterization and electrophysiology labs, and a cardiac intensive care unit are being expanded.  The Heart Center team is also expanding, with the vision of comprehensive care exceeding the standards established elsewhere in the country.  The surgeons and Heart Center at Children’s Hospital New Orleans operate on the spectrum of patients with congenital heart disease, from simple to complex, from newborn to adult.  Newborns represent a particularly vulnerable population for whom Dr. Gottlieb-Sen focuses her efforts.   

For kids with congenital heart disease, comprehensive care is really more than the sum of the parts.  Established Heart Centers have longitudinal relationships with patients, providing medical and surgical care and family support.  Adult patients with congenital heart disease are growing in number.  As the Heart Center develops additional services to care for more patients through adulthood, we are poised to learn from the diagnosis and treatment of their diseases over time. 

Patients with congenital heart disease also represent an exciting population for research, and the research efforts of national and international Heart Center teams have resulted in many strides in clinical care for patients with CHD.  Dr. Gottlieb-Sen has done extensive research collecting data from the current patients at Children’s Hospital to improve care for the future. Her work holds the goal of having a meaningful impact on the clinical care patients with congenital heart disease and spans the gap from clinical and quality improvement projects to translational and basic science projects.  She is interested in improving the quality of care in underserved communities.  Since moving to New Orleans, Dr. Gottlieb-Sen has developed research infrastructure to serve the Heart Center and research community as additional clinician-researchers are recruited to the area. Efforts are underway to establish a biorepository focused on congenital heart disease, the first of its kind in Louisiana, to provide the ground-breaking foundation for a multitude of research projects focused on the health of patients with CHD in years to come.  Dr. Gottlieb-Sen is currently supported by a grant from LaCATS to evaluate prenatal diagnosis of congenital heart disease in Louisiana.  Dr. Gottlieb-Sen has been honored with multiple national awards for research. 

Dr. Gottlieb-Sen’s basic science research laboratory is housed at the Cardiovascular Center of Excellence at LSUHSC.  The center’s newly renovated laboratories total approximately 6500 square feet and provide support and academic collaboration for Dr. Gottlieb-Sen’s work.  Dr. Md. Abdur Razzaque PhD, Research Scientist, and Marla Johnston RN MSN, Research Coordinator, complete her research team. 

[Dr. Gottlieb-Sen is a highly accomplished surgeon and scientist in the Department of Surgery at Louisiana State University Health Science Center (LSUHSC), New Orleans, Louisiana. Her full-time tenure-track appointment at as an Assistant Professor of Clinical Surgery and Children’s Hospital New Orleans comes after extensive training at prestigious universities with mentors who are leaders in their fields. Dr. Gottlieb-Sen holds an additional faculty appointment in the Department of Surgery at Vanderbilt University/Monroe Carell Children’s Hospital.  She received an MS and MD from University of California, Berkeley and San Francisco in the Joint Medical Program. She completed her residency in General Surgery at Harvard University/Massachusetts General Hospital.  During her clinical training, Dr. Gottlieb-Sen completed four dedicated years of laboratory research, during which time she also completed a Masters of Public Health at the Harvard School of Public Health. She then pursued fellowships in Cardiothoracic Surgery and Pediatric Cardiac Surgery at Columbia University, and an ACGME-approved fellowship in Congenital Cardiac Surgery at Harvard University, working at Boston Children’s Hospital.  After completing three sets of surgical boards, Dr.  Gottlieb-Sen is the 204th board-certified congenital heart surgeon in the United States.]