LOCUS is Now Tiger Pride!

Ayesha Umrigar (Co-President, Tiger Pride) 

Since its inception almost seven years ago we were known as LGBT+Allies Organization for the Cultural Understanding in the Health Sciences (LOCUS).  This was a mouthful, so we simply called ourselves “LOCUS”.  However, without saying the full name, it was not obvious that we were an organization for all LGBTQ individuals and their allies.  Therefore, in order to make it clearer that we are the campus LGBTQ+ organization, we have changed our name from LOCUS to Tiger Pride, with our logo including a rainbow colored Tiger.   We feel that this new name will make it easier for students and other organizations to identify us as an inter-professional student organization aimed at advancing awareness and advocating for the LGBTQ community.  

One of our current Co-Presidents, Ayesha Umrigar, is graduating next year, and will be stepping down as Co-President in December in order to focus on her research. Please email either Ayesha ( or Mirandy Li ( if you or someone you know may be interested in the position. Mirandy Li will be remaining as Co-president. 

We are currently brainstorming topics for our annual LGBTQ Healthcare Symposium, which will be held in April. Some previously suggested topics were drug/substance abuse in the LGBTQ Community, and domestic abuse in the LGBTQ community. If you would like to suggest any other topics or recommend a panelist then please email Ayesha or Mirandy. 

Tiger Pride has a new web page manager. Kacey Hashm from the School of Nursing will now be managing the Tiger Pride website. Be sure to check out the site (, which provides links to resources for LGBTQ students, in addition to the general community. This site is also where we post information about any upcoming events. If there is anything else that you think should be on the website, please email either Kacey Hashm ( or Ayesha Umrigar.  

If you would like to receive emails from Tiger Pride, there is an option on our website to subscribe to our listserv. To protect the privacy of our members, we use the “blind carbon copy” for email correspondence. This means that you can’t see the other recipients of the email and they can’t see you. If you are interested in joining our listserv, please email co-presidents Mirandy Li, or Ayesha Umrigar ( 

We are currently selling rainbow caduceus (shown below) pins for $5 to raise money for Tiger Pride. If you are interested in purchasing a pin, please email Ayesha.  

As always, feel free to reach out to Co-Presidents Mirandy Li or Ayesha Umrigar if you have any questions or concerns.