Words from the Library 

A Burglary of Books

Kathryn Kerdollf, MLIS
Reference Librarian and Associate Professor

No joke stealing library books. The library started noticing gaps on the shelves in August of 2017. Current editions of books useful to all our schools have gone missing. It is not just a few books, but over $12,000.00 worth of current textbooks (2012-2018 editions) have been discovered missing from the shelves. Some of the texts purchased in June and July this year were discovered missing during an inventory 2 weeks later.

Concern for the remaining collection initiated a full-scale removal of all remaining texts with publication dates from 2012-2018 from the 4th floor stacks. These books are now located in the staff area of the library, which restricts public access. LSUHSC faculty, students, and staff will still be able to check out these books, but they will need to request the textbook from one of the library staff.  This is a truly regrettable situation. The librarians do investigate electronic access to many books, but not all texts are available online.

If you are interested in donating a replacement text we can send the list of missing items, and you can bring a copy to the library. Contact our collection development librarian Marlene Bishop for the list at mbisho@lsuhsc.edu