The Editor’s Pen – December

The Editor’s Pen 

Andrew D. Hollenbach, Ph.D. 
Head Editor, The Pulse 

The following story is one of those stories that are difficult for me to write. I know that in writing it I’m saying goodbye to a good friend. I’m not saying goodbye in the sense that I’m never going to see her or talk to her again; just in the sense that she is moving on in her professional life and as such I know that I won’t have the joy of working with her anymore. 

Gina LaBorde has been the genius behind the graphic design of The Pulse almost from the beginning.  After the inaugural issue was released, containing what I now see as my VERY amateur self-taught graphic design, I remember this woman coming to my office to talk to me.  She laid out her vision for the design of the newsletter, and pointed out (very professionally I might add) the mistakes made in the inaugural issue. Needless to say I jumped on the chance and the rest, as they say, was history. 

That woman, of course, was Gina. Before The Pulse went completely electronic and we were still creating pdf files of the newsletter, Gina and I would sit for hours finalizing the final layout.  We would work side-by-side tweaking images, making minor adjustments to the placement of stories and graphics, working with a synergism that was almost eerie.  With her hard work and vision, The Pulse came out with its polished and professional look, time after time.   

Once we went electronic, it was her ideas and thoughts that directed the formation of the online format, it was her ideas that created the structure, and it was her work that took all of the stories and pictures and organized them into the final form. 

Naturally, over time, Gina went from a valued work colleague to a trusted and dear friend.  The synergism we had about design was also present in our personal interactions. There was a connection and friendship there that is rare to find, but something that I hold onto very tightly when it comes into my life.   

Gina, thank you for all of your hard work over the years and your dedication to this publication and helping us provide an information network for the School of Medicine.  Thank you for your graphic design genius.  Thank you for being a wonderful (and fun) work colleague.  Most of all, thank you for being my friend.   

Note from Gina:

I am humbled and honored that I have been part of The Pulse, and the LSUHSC family. My experience with LSU and the School of Medicine has been and continues to be amazing. I know its tradition will live on and continue to give the School of Medicine the accolades that it deserves.


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