Dr. Yves Lacassie Retires

lacassie, yves_2013-11Yves Lacassie, M.D, Professor of Pediatrics and a Clinical Geneticist at LSUHSC and Children’s Hospital of New Orleans retired in May. He was Head of the Division of Clinical Genetics, Department of Pediatrics, from November 1, 1986 to October 30, to 2017. Dr. Lacassie is board certified in Clinical Genetics and a Founding Fellow of the American College of Medical Genetics. He is an active member of several major US, European and Latin American genetic societies. He was the President of the Ibero-American Society of Human Genetics from 1998-2000.

His major interests are dysmorphology and cytogenetic disorders, the delineation of new syndromes, the nosology of genetic diseases, and the clinical use of dermatoglyphics which he has used for 50 years. While at Hopkins, he improved the Hopkins Score to make it possible to diagnose 99% of patients with Down syndrome by just examining the hands. In the 1990’s he published an international multiaxial diagnostic system which allows comparison of diagnoses established by different geneticists and centers, and also devised a classification of diagnostic problems in clinical practice.

Dr. Lacassie has published over 120 original papers and close to 20 book chapters. He has been invited to many national and international meetings and has been present and participated at all the International Congresses of Human Genetics (ICHG) since 1971 where he has been invited to give platform presentations. He follows the motto of his Alma Mater when meeting with patients, “more than physicians, human beings” and practices integral medicine centered on the patient’s welfare beyond seeking a genetic diagnosis.

Dr. Lacassie also served as a very much loved mentor to many Department of Genetics students.  As one of the faculty directing the Clinical Genetics course through the Department of Genetics, he had students shadow him in the clinic, interact with patients, and present a case for the finale of the course.  Often he would allow students to write up interesting case studies for submission to journals, resulting in many first-author publications in clinical journals for Genetics basic science students.